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Handcrafted Chain Bracelet

This handmade wire bracelet is made from Fine Silver wire (999), using a technique known as Loop in Loop which is an antique technique to make chains.

The clasp is also made by hand in a unique hook style.

The bracelet is finished with oxidising to give silver and black contrast.

The overall length of the bracelet is 22.5 cm and the chain is 7.5 mm wide.

Weight: 16.1 g

Handcrafted Chain Bracelet

Handcrafted Fine (999) (Non-allergic) Silver Oval Link Chain Bracelet

This classic beauty is made from 16 oval individually handcrafted pure silver links (approx. 16.5 X 9 x 1.8 mm). The stylish hook closure gives the opportunity to make it smaller. It has polished finished, can be ordered in a matte finish as well.

Length: 21 cm.

With: 9-9.5 mm

Weight: 22.9 g

Oval Link Chain Bracelet