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Irregular Cubes - Pure Silver Stud Earrings- Matte - Minimalist Oxidised - Polished 

These minimalist cube earrings are handcrafted from 999FS (Non-allergic) solid silver. The part goes into the ear is also made from 999 fine silver to prevent irritation. They are in an irregular shape, approximately in (+-)5 mm X 5 mm x 3 mm. The facades are brushed to add some texture.

Available in

Matte Finish,

Shiny (Polished) Finish,

Oxidised (Black) Finish

Set of 3 is available please choose from options.

They come with 925 silver earring backs. (Please let me know if you are allergic to 925 silver and prefer plastic rubbers)

Cube Studs

Rectangle Design Earrings

These delicate design earrings handcrafted from 2 mm 999FS silver. They come with 925 silver backs. 

Length: 20 mm

Width: 8 mm

Total weight: 3.9 g

Rectangle Design Studs