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Handcrafted Rectangular Link Chain Necklace

Each rectangular link is handcrafted from 1.5 X 1.5 cm square 999FS (Pure) silver wire, and polished. The unique style hook closure allows for shortening.

The total length of chain: 50.5 cm (18.8")

The length of a link: app. 18X6 mm

Weight: 20.8 g 

Rectangular Link Chain Necklace

Handcrafted Fine (999FS) Silver Oval Link Chunky Paperclip Chain Necklace 

This matte finish pure silver link chain is made from hand-shaped 1.5 mm " D " wire, slightly textured from sides and brushed to give matte effect to silver. The unique style of hook closure is a nice touch.

As I am registered to London Assay Office the necklace has been hallmarked.

Total Lenght: 49 cm

Width: Approx. 6 mm

Weight: 20.9 g

Please note all jewellery is handcrafted therefore may vary slightly.

Rectangular Link Chain Necklace

3 Colour Necklace

3 moving different metal rings on a pure silver cylinder base creates a unique design. The perfect combination of Bronze, Silver and Brass. Comes with 18 inc. 925 Sterling Silver Chain.

Weight: 5.7 gr.

3 Colour Silver & Bronze & Brass Cylinder Necklace