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Mixed Finished Silver and Brass Spiral Wrapped Chunky Ring

Chunky Silver Spiral wrapped ring brings pure silver and brass colours together with polished, matte and oxidised finishes to create an unusual combination and contrast. Thickness: 1.5 mm to 4 mm  Weight: 23.3 g

Height: 28 mm

Size: S

Please contact for different sizes. 

Mixed Metal Wrapped Ring

Textured Fine Silver BAnds

It is handcrafted from 999 Fine Silver, hammered to give a unique texture.

Oxidised Finish
Matte Finish

3 Colour Necklace

3 moving different metal rings on a pure silver cylinder base creates a unique design. The perfect combination of Bronze, Silver and Brass. Comes with 18 inc. 925 Sterling Silver Chain.

Weight: 5.7 gr.

3 Colour Silver & Bronze & Brass Cylinder Necklace

Matte Finished Oxidised Spinning Ring

Four oxidised hammering textured fine silver spinning rings on matte finished 999 ct. fine silver base gives the perfect contrast to silver and black.  

Size: S 

Please contact for different sizes.

Spinning Ring